Monthly archive - November 2013

Fringe Fest @ TNM Nov 19, 2013

The New Movement presents a week of programming as part of the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Each night of Fringe (Nov. 20th-23rd) we will bring you unique TNM shows at both 8 and 10pm. You will find sketch comedy, live cartoon comedy, silent improv, and much more. Come spend your Fringe with us and see comedy push the boundaries. All tickets are $8 with a Fringe button. $11 without a Fringe button. Our 8pm shows are collectively called Sketched!  These shows feature live sketch comedy from performers at The New Movement.  Our 10pm shows are part of TNM’s Comedy Lab.  This is where we put our experimental comedic shows for Fringe. Wednesday, Nov. 20th 8pm – rude. & Vanessa Gonzalez...
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Thank You from the Year 3000 Nov 12, 2013

    Whoa! This last weekend we took over Fun Fun Fun Fest and kept the party going on Sunday. Holding a pageant in the year 3000, we came together from three planets and celebrated all day. Thank you everyone for putting in crazy awesome efforts into making this year tops. The New Movement at Fun Fun Fun Fest is the most fun because of you! Click the link below this gallery for more photos! MORE PHOTOS
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Why Actors Can Be Good Poker Players Nov 12, 2013

As well as knowing the game to a tee and being able to assess players’ positions from their behaviour, being able to maintain a straight face is one of the essentials for poker at any level.  Without this, your skilled opponents will be able to smell your fear or confidence and bet or back out accordingly, minimising your wins and maximising your losses. There is constant debate over whether acting of bluffing is beneficial to a poker player.  Some would say that a bad player will not have a clue regardless and a good player will be able to tell whether you’ve got something anyway.  According to conventional poker wisdom, the best idea is to give absolutely nothing away.  Don’t...
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