Andrew Polk

Andrew Polk is a stand-up comedian, and improv student with The New Movement. ┬áPolk was raised in the backwoods of North Louisiana, where he learned to live, laugh, love, and then get the hell out of there. A resident of New Orleans for over a year, he describes the city as “largely problematic” as bars don’t close, and parallel parking is required in almost all situations.

Many of Polk’s influences can be found by turning on the television anytime in the mid-90′s. Once he saw a blimp.

Maybe you saw him performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, or at the Black Box Comedy Festival in Atlanta, but probably not. Currently he produces the nationally touring NOLA Comedy Hour stand-up showcase, as well as the NCH monthly showcase at Hi-Ho Lounge. You can catch him hosting Comedy Beast every Tuesday at the Howlin’ Wolf Den, and on twitter every Monday at 10pm CT playing along with the live action movie club @Filminstant.