Brady James

Brady James originally hails from Ruston, Louisiana. Hey! That’s where Terry Bradshaw played college football! And the founder of Neutral Milk Hotel went to high school there too! From this serendipitous location he moved to llinois, where he spent 10 years then moved to New York City where he studied acting at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Thinking New York was kinda shitty, he decided to move to the much cooler town of Austin Texas and quickly found some kindred spirits at The New Movement. Brady was originally well known for the NASCAR romance novel “Out of The Skids and Into the Win” ( he wrote for Block Party but has since found other strong footholds in the Austin improv scene. In addition to being 1/4 of “The Alice in Chains of Comedy” Spirit Desire, Brady also hosts The Main Event every Friday night at 9:30. Come check him show off his wrestling skills if you think you have the guts.