Cassie Cazeaux

Cassie Cazeaux was born and raised in New Orleans. She grew up in a colorful and unusual environment: a warehouse, that had been converted into a movie studio in the 9th Ward. It was like a combination of the movie “Cinema Paradisio” and the book “I’m Down”. Everything was surreal, this environment was surreal, New Orleans was surreal, her family was surreal. Then she went to college in New York and everything seemed real. She moved back as soon as she finished school. While being a student of comedy all her life, growing up watching Johny Carson and The Kids in The Hall, Cassie has studied improv and stand-up in New York, Washington State and New Orleans for the past 8 years. She has been a member of Comedy Sportz. She currently is a performer with Funny Bones Improv, a group that performs for children in hospitals and is a member of the New Movement student team Dance Crisis!

Cassie spends her days moving furniture as set dresser on film sets in New Orleans and fighting for the forces of good.