Chris Nicholas

Chris Nicholas began taking improv classes at the New Movement in 2010, at the urging and cajolement of Chris Trew and Tami Nelson. He quickly found that he loved it, and stuck around for the whole thing, graduating as a member of the second class to matriculate from the New Movement’s training program.

Currently Chris performs in the house troupe, Ripken, and occasionally does dramatic readings of Bad Fiction at the Block Party open mic.

Chris is the founder and lead organizer of STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo, an indie comics, zines, art, crafts, etc., convention, held annually on the first weekend in March, in Austin, which has earned him the sobriquet “Uncle Staple”. and for more about that.

In collaboration with local artist David Lamplugh, Chris writes and self-publishes the comic That Damned Cat, a supernatural black comedy inspired by the true story of the cat that knows when you are going to die.