Christie Grace

Christie Grace has been “yes and-ing” her entire life (from her wee years in the Philippine Islands to her grown up job at NASA’s Mission Control Center) and is elated to have found people who “yes and” back.

Christie was bitten by improv in 2006, when she stumbled into a show in Austin. Post-show, she met Chris Trew and he suggested she friend him on MySpace. So she did. Contact led to attending a free intro to improv class and the rest is almost history. Unfortunately, Christie was departing for Australia soon and had to hold off further improv exploration until she returned. Upon returning in 2008, she messaged Tami Nelson and signed up for the first available class.

Christie has been with The New Movement since its inception in February 2009. She is a member of TNM’s first graduating class and first troupe, Bare Moxie. Christie has taught level one and two classes at The New Movement. She also coaches troupes.

Christie’s growing appetite for improv has led her to continue study with notable instructors from iO Chicago, The Second City, Annoyance Theater, and iO West. She has attended the iO Summer Intensive in

Christie performs with Bare Moxie, Sidecar, The Cubbies, Narwhal, Claws with Fangs, and 100% Agave. She also performs in The Megaphone Show, Anthology, and various TNM produced shows. Christie has
performed in comedy festivals in Austin, New Orleans, and Dallas.

For yeses, coaching/teaching inquiries and/or if you just wanna geek out over improv, you can find Christie Grace at:
twitter: @christie_grace