Christina Parrish

Christina Parrish is a 17 year old ambitious girl who comes from a lot of silly little houses in the Dallas area, where she would spend her days impersonating her mother and capturing stray dogs. She started theater while in 9th grade where she learn a little something called “improv” and that’s where the love fest started. Christina decided to venture out into the free-spirit city of Austin, TX in 2009 where she came across The Hideout Theater. She started taking the levels and eventually was a proud graduate of The Hideout Theater, but she still wanted to do more. So, Christina started taking film acting classes and found a great mentor who helped find Christina’s niche’, which was comedy. She still wanted to do more, so she came across a funny little lady named Tami Nelson who asked her to be apart of a snazzy little theater called the New Movement. Christina began taking classes and fell in love. She has now been apart of numerous shows and will always give an easy “yes” to any request for performing. Christina is happily apart of two energetic troupes called Disco Box and Oyster Scream. Her plans for the future is full of comedy, but for now she continues to practice by taking many classes for improvisation and film acting. You can catch her attempting to DJ, write sketch comedy, write stand up comedy, performing, impersonating her mother onstage or watching Netflix.

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