Dan Grimm

Dan Grimm has been performing for nearly 17 years. Starting in improv with; Freudian Slip (College Station, TX), Pavlov’s Dogs (Dallas, TX), Middle Management (Dallas, TX), Cricket City (Commerce, TX), RichardTatorship (Chicago, IL), and Dust Bath (Chicago, IL). Currently Dan performs and teaches at TNM in Austin and is working with the Latino Comedy Project.


Besides teaching new or younger members of his performance groups Dan has taught youth theatre in College Station for an award winning program he co-founded, based in improv as well as teaching improv at Texas A&M-Commerce, and later as a high school teacher in Texarkana, Texas. Dan has also workshopped and coached numerous improv and student groups.


BA in Theatre Arts from Texas A&M University, Graduate work at Texas A&M-Commerce in Theatre Arts, Graduate of iO Chicago, 1st Year Conservatory Training at Second City Chicago, and has workshopped all around the United States with several improv instructors (if you ask he can name drop later for street cred).


Dan Grimm, also known as Dan from Texas (when out of state) or PyroDan and sometimes by his family as Danny (please don’t call him that), is a licensed Pyrotechnician and accomplished designer and stage technology ‘guru’ making stage magic happen all over for 15 years. He has also been known to write and direct, and occasionally paint. While Dan is a capable grown man with many accomplishments, the greatest job he has ever had, has been as a father to his daughter who, to his great joy, has an intuitive sense of comedic timing.