Elizabeth Skinner-Gore

Elizabeth Skinner-Gore is an actor with a really long name, so just call her Liz. In high school, she sang with a choral group at Carnegie Hall in NYC and also toured London performing at several venues, such as Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral. But then she met her husband and stuck around to be with him (ah true love). She dropped the singing bits and pursued an acting career, graduating from UNO with a BA in Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts. She is a founding member of Blacklisted Theatre but she’s involved in various productions in the New Orleans area. As a day job, she teaches K-12 Talented Theatre for the Algiers Charter Schools Association. Thanks to the aforementioned husband, she was introduced to The New Movement and has really taken a liking to improv. Liz is so excited to be a part of this family and fully believes that she’s tasted porridge that was too hot, and some that was too cold, but improv porridge is just right.