James Patrick Robinson

James Patrick Robinson is a comedian, writer, and filmmaker originally from the purple mountain sprawl of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His watershed moment in comedy came in 2007 where he portrayed rapping evangelist “James Reagan Johnston” in his mostly one-man show ‘Teens Get Tough on Terror”.  The show ran for three nights at the IPI Festival in Santa Fe, NM.

He holds a BA from the College of Santa Fe (now Santa Fe University of Art and Design) in Moving Image Arts.

Patrick (or JPR as he’s known in TNM-Land) can be seen performing and hosting events at TNM and throughout all of Austin. He is the co-host of the comedy free for all open-mic BLOCK PARTY, has traveled across the country with The Air Sex World Championships and has performed in numerous improv festivals across the country.

He’s also part of the multimedia improv/sketch/video/whatevs group Spirit Desire. You can catch their variety show every month at!





Tumblr: www.totalfreedom84.tumblr.com