Liz Maute
DIY enthusiast and graphic designer from Norman, Oklahoma, Liz Maute Cooke is one crafty gal on and off the stage. Liz comes to The New Movement NOLA by way the Houston theater where she performed in the all girl troupe, Fematoma, and the harmonic trio, Tin Hats. Since moving to New Orleans, she is now responsible for much of the graphic design for the three cities and has enjoyed helping to build out of the new theater at 1919 Burgundy.
Liz graduated with a degree in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma where she met a nice boy from New Orleans named Drew Cooke. He made her some pretty cool art and she decided to marry him a few years later.
Back in high school, Liz loved performing in musicals and taking home competitive acting titles (especially the humorous ones). She attended the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute three years in a row. The intensive summer program nestled in the regal rust colored landscape known as Quartz Mountain, accepts a handful of young actors each year to train under some of the best instructors in the world for a rigorous two week program.
But way before that, Liz began her training in sixth grade when she attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati with majors in acting, writing and voice. As a kid, she enjoyed making her own commercial parodies and re-enacting skits from Saturday Night Live.
She is only slightly less awkward these days.
Come see her at a show real soon!