Mandy Spivey

When Mandy Spivey first received the gift of improv in 2009, she took it as a gift from the Universe that she had been waiting for her whole life (And thank you, Universe, your card is in the mail.) Since joining The New Movement as an improviser, she has sharpened her talents on the stage through sketch comedy writing and directing, improvising with her enthused improv troupe, The Control Group, and regularly updating The New Movement blog as the website’s captain blogger.

When she’s not creating and acting in her own absurd brand of character comedy like theHandled It Girls, she enjoys collaborating with other mindful creatives to form the multi-person stand-up act Snack Foods for Dinner, contributing as a Staff Writer for Lowlights, and making her homemade chili for the colder days in Austin. Hey, a girl has got to have a hobby!

Mandy is a writer, improviser and creative comedy blogger that is available for hire. You can catch up on her work on her website,