Michael Domangue

Michael Domangue (aka Mikey DoDo) got his start doing improv at the University of Texas in 2006, where he met fellow TNM performer Yamina Khouane. Joining UT’s best (and only) improv troupe Gigglepants, Michael got his feet wet learning short-form improv in front of rowdy college crowds for three years before finally graduating and deciding to take formal classes at The New Movement Austin in 2010.

Upon arriving at TNM, Michael and his classmates immediately hit it off and formed the troupe Delta Burka performing at several festivals including the Megaphone Marathons and the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. He also joined forces with Brady James to co-host The Main Event, TNM’s premier show for competitive long-form improv.

Since Delta Burka’s hiatus, Michael has gone on to perform in such troupes as Vietnomnomnom and Morgan Freeman and the Butchershop Quartet. He also helps to train the next generation of techs, having gotten his start at TNM as a tech intern. You can read his musings on the crossroads between tech and improv at improvwins.com. You can also follow him @MDomangue on Twitter.