Nelson Gonzalez

Nelson Gonzalez moved to New Orleans 16 years ago from the swampy terrain of Laffy Taffy and has never looked back since, except of course to smile at his shadow. As a kid, he wrote and starred in original plays that allowed him to live out his dream of being nefarious, wealthy, and sometimes horned creatures. Acting out would prove to serve him well later as an adult. He has studied acting at Tulane and performed and wrote the experimental theater piece N2O in collaboration with Theater Louisiane. He completed the program at the Comedy Conservatory while participating in two Fringe Festival Shows. While at at La Nuit Theater, he played on long form teams, Dr. Awkward and God’s been Drinking. He also originated the part of art critic and correspondent at Art for Art’s Sake Gunter Daad for N.O. News. Later, he originated the android role of Dr. Aracataca in the sketch/improv Sci./Fi. sensation A.S.S.tronots around town as well as the homeless prophet in a 48 hour film project for A.S.S.tronots. He has performed and written for the sketch shows, Begging for Change and Fear and Loathing in New Orleans. Nelson also participated in Comedy Sportz and traveled to the Championship in Philadelphia last year. Nelson is proud to now be performing and studying at the New Movement theater where he has played with the Harold team The Philosophers and plans to continue to grow and soar like ┬áthe good year blimp above this great city. When not on the improv stage, he can be seen in legal courtrooms and on concrete courts chasing fuzzy balls and delinquent citations.