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Studio 8/TNM founders Chris Trew and Tami Nelson have a fun new show called Scene/Rescene that turns their awesome live improv scenes into fully-produced fancy short videos.

Chris and Tami do a monthly 2-person, hour-long improv show at our comedy theater, The New Movement, in New Orleans. They film that show live in front of an audience, then pick out their favorite scene from each show, develop and re-work it, making it funnier and tighter and cooler. Then they shoot that re-worked scene and then debut that scene at the beginning of their next show the following month.

In this video, you’ll see the fully-produced version of their improv scene called “Mindy On Her First Day of School.” After that, you’ll see the original improvised version of that scene. Cool, huh?

Written by Tami Nelson, Chris Trew, Jared Gore, Jonathan Evans
Directed by Jonathan Evans
Sound by Mikey Felton
Special Thanks to Liz Gore and Britt Wright