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  • Details about Handbomb + AC Lerok

    Handbomb + AC Lerok

    9:00 pm
    2 improv groups from ATX! $5 BYOB

    Few improv duos possess the brightness and power that Handbomb does. Flawless, effortless, and another word that ends with "-less"...prepare to be prepared to be amazed. Handbomb is Vanessa Gonzalez & Michael Foulk.

    AC Lerok
    AC Lerok is a 2-man improv/sketch duo composed of two grown men (John Buseman & Rob Gagnon) and they want you to know that both of them are in the show (one man and also another man) and they'll be performing sketch and improv and "it's more than just a one man kind of show."

  • Details about PLUGGED: Shit's Golden

    PLUGGED: Shit's Golden

    10:30 pm
    10:30p $5 online/$7 door BYOB

    Shit's Golden is a monthly stand up comedy show curated and hosted by Austin-based standup comics and living legends Chris Tellez & Rob Gagnon. Although the show often features the best and most promising standup comics in Austin, it has also been known to host sketch groups, video shorts, and even musical performances.

    Check them out monthly at The New Movement. They are hip and everything that is right with the world today. Don't be left out, because nothing is worst then being left out.

    Tix: $5 online/$7 door

    More information at:
    Chris Tellez @HiChrisTellez

  • Details about TNM Tonight

    TNM Tonight

    7:00 pm


  • Details about Kid Brother

    Kid Brother

    9:00 pm
    A sketch show of some sort. $5 BYOB


  • Details about The Megaphone Show

    The Megaphone Show

    10:30 pm
    Our most popular show! $5 BYOB!

    It’s our longest running show and it’s every Saturday night at The New Movement!

    At each Megaphone Show, we invite a special guest/local celebrity/fun-person-about-town up on stage to share a few of their favorite true stories. We take details of these stories to inspire fast, smart improv comedy. Come see why this has quickly become our most popular show.


  • Details about LateBit: Gaming and Comedy

    LateBit: Gaming and Comedy

    11:30 pm
    A video-game game show with comedy, for charity. $5 BYOB

    Compete in gaming challenges created by your nerd-hosts Bob Downey and Jeff Solomon.
    Can you survive the crappyness of Back to the Future for NES?
    Can you play Super Mario Brothers while jumping?
    Can you play Tetris with a blindfold?

    Compete in gaming challenges for ultimate nerd glory! An all-star comic panel will provide play-by-play!

    The comic panel for 4/19!

    Rob Gagnon is the host of ATX Comedy Hour, Pass The Mic, TNMs Block Party, and more! He is the creator of Stoned vs Drunk vs Sober and Rob Gagnon's 1Hr Comedy Festival as well as a former winner of Connecticut's Last Comedian Standing Competition. You've seen Rob performing at FFFun Fest, SXSW Underground, Hell Yes Fest, and The Moontower Comedy Festival. Through his eclectic stand up style you will enjoy everything from a cast of absurd characters to tales from a pre-school teacher that's seen it all.

    Christina Parrish is a stand up comedian and improviser out of Austin TX. She's perform at festivals like HellYestFest, SXSW Underground Comedy Fest, SXSW 20x2 and FFF Fest Night show. She has 3 animals and 2 weird neighbors. And a lot of things that are interesting to her are her 2 weird neighbors and her 3 animals.

    Chadwick Smith is a comedian, improviser, actor, musician, gamer, father, footballer, puppeteer, crafter, kung fu-er, driver, ex-skater, ex-straightedger, driver, ex-husband, and winner from Austin, TX.  He has performed in many clubs and festivals including SXSW, FunFunfunFest, Hell Yes Fest, Megaphone Marathons and also in New York, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Austin.  He also teaches comedy improv at The New Movement and workshops in puppetry skills.


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  • Details about 4/20 Funny presented by TNM & Norml

    4/20 Funny presented by TNM & Norml

    4:20 pm

    Doors open at 4:20 for SNACKS, OLD SCHOOL VIDEO GAMES, CLASSIC STONER CLIPS (on the projector) + MORE!

    At 6:30, we have stand-up comedy from Dan Madonia (High Times, SYFY), Erik Marino (Weeds, Ellen) Pete Cornaccione, and Austin's own "The Outlaw" Montgomery Wayne Seitz!

    If you get tickets for this event, you also receive FREE admission to the 8pm stand-up show Pass The Mic!


    $7 online/$10 @ door

  • Details about Pass the Mic

    Pass the Mic

    8:00 pm
    Awesome standup with a twist of experimentation $5 BYOB

    Some of Austin's best comics showcase their latest before joining each other onstage to riff off audience suggestions. No telling what direction the show will take. Hosted by Joe Faina.

    Pass the Mic is now EVERY DAMN SUNDAY, Y'ALL. Bring your smart phone and your flawlessness.