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  • Details about Opposites (w/Level 3 Show + Level 1 Recital)

    Opposites (w/Level 3 Show + Level 1 Recital)

    8:00 pm
    Wednesday is Opposites Day! $5 BYOB
    Patrick and Mark are dear friends, but their contrary personalities make it difficult for them to tolerate each other for very long. The only way they can express their true feelings to each other is by hiding behind improvised characters and situations that they create as the comedy duo Opposites.
    Join Opposites Patrick and Mark every Wednesday at 8:00p as they tolerate each other long enough to explore contrary points of view through the use of multiple story lines, swapped characters, and colliding narratives.
  • Details about Good Fight

    Good Fight

    9:30 pm
    Improv times a million. FREE BYOB

    Wednesdays, right? They're kind of the worst. Let Good Fight save your week by joining us at The New Movement every Wednesday night at 9:30 for free beer and free laughs with their unique brand of fast, high-energy, no-rules improv comedy. Come check out these spitfires as they set out to conquer Wednesdays for the good of all mankind.

    Good Fight is Tre Fuentes, David Howe, Courtney Sevener, and Jeff Whitaker.


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  • Details about Improv Zero: FREE Improv Class

    Improv Zero: FREE Improv Class

    6:30 pm
    FREE & fun! 6:30pm

    Interested in taking a class with TNM? Want to test drive it first?

    Well, Improv Zero is your ticket! In this FREE weekly class, we walk you through some exercises and bullet points of what comprises an improv education with our conservatory. We go over the basics of what makes improv awesome and why we are awesome teachers of improv.

    So grab a few friends and come out to 616 Lavaca every Thursday at 6:30p for a FREE IMPROV CLASS (and stick around for lots of fun shows afterwards)!

  • Details about Student Union (w/Green Amulet)

    Student Union (w/Green Amulet)

    7:30 pm
    The show where students take over TNM! FREE! BYOB!

    Every Thursday @ 7:30pm, the students rule TNM!

    Led by the TNM Student Council, this improv jam is open to all levels of TNM students and alumni. Show up at 7:15, put your name in the mix, and we'll put you in a group to perform a short show in front of an actual human audience! It's headlined by a different TNM troupe every week and this week's troupe is: Green Amulet

    This show is FREE, you guys!

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  • Details about Lights Up! (Bombshell + Crepes Suzette + Disco Box)

    Lights Up! (Bombshell + Crepes Suzette + Disco Box)

    8:30 pm
    TNM's student troupe showcase! $5 BYOB!

    Lights Up! is a weekly improv show that features TNM's hottest house groups who are on the rise!

    These are the newest, baddest, freshest troupes coming out of our conservatory to date. Every week, we highlight a different troupe and every season has a different host troupe!

    This week's troupes: Bombshell, Crepes Suzette, & Disco Box

    Come see comedy the way it was meant to be seen...on Thursday nights at 8:30p! And stay for the insane craziness of TNM's Block Party afterwards!


  • Details about Block Party

    Block Party

    9:30 pm
    TNM's anything-goes open mic! FREE

    Our anything-goes open mic that happens every Thursday at 9:30pm. This show is hosted by Terance McDavid & Yousef Roach & features standup, sketch, & performance art (maybe!). Whatver you want to do, come do it & see what happens.

    To get some stage time on Block Party please tweet to Terance McDavid @Tmcd02 or email TNMBlockPartyAustin@gmail.com!

  • Details about Megan Simon: Impressionable

    Megan Simon: Impressionable

    9:00 pm
    Megan's ideas of love delivered to you via sketch & music! $5 online/$7 door BYOB
    In her lifetime, Megan has seen over 800 romantic comedies (probably). Like a sponge, she absorbed every meet-cute, every secret admiration, and every "it was my best friend all along" epiphany.
    "Impressionable" is the culmination of all of Megan's ideas of love delivered to you in the form of relatable characters and catchy songs.
    About Megan:
    Megan Simon has been a performer at The New Movement since 2010. Her passion for comedy and music has been illustrated in both her sketch and improv performances. Megan has performed in various festivals all over the country, including Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans and Del Close Marathons at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York.
    "Impressionable" will run every Friday in August (except 8/29) at TNM at 9:00pm!
    $5 online/$7 door
  • Details about Plugged: Never Ending Comedy Contest

    Plugged: Never Ending Comedy Contest

    10:30 pm
    Six comics compete. Three judges decide. Who will win? $7 online/$10 @ door BYOB
    Six comics compete. Three judges decide. Who will win? TNM is proud to present the sell-out show The Never Ending Comedy Contest, where each month, Lane Krarup brings to stage an amazing line up of local and traveling comics, to compete with their best stand up set for a chance to win a fabulous prize.
    Three veteran spit-fire stand up comics act as on stage judges to decide each show's winner, with hilarious commentary between sets. This month, the six comics will be split up into two teams, and judge each other’s sets, with the audience deciding the ultimate winner!

    Not to miss - at the end of every show, Krarup and regular guest Pat Sirois freestyle rap about whatever the audience calls out! This event will sell out. Purchase tickets in advance at the link below. Once sold out there will be about 10- 15 tickets left at the front door before the show. Hosted by Lane Krarup

    Joe Tullar - FPIA Finalist
    Tim Williams- Host ShineBox Showcase
    Zac Brooks- FPIA Semi-finalist
    Tim Edwards (Dallas)
    Sam Harter- Comedian Rap Battle Winner
    James Hernandez- NECC Winner

    $7 online/$10 @ door