AP Comedy: youth improv classes



Why Youth Improv?

Improv is live, unscripted, team-based comedy. AP Comedy at The New Movement theater (TNM) trains students in improv to be creatively confident youth. The skills of an improviser are vital for jobs that don’t exist yet. AP Comedy trains youth for:

  • Creativity: We encourage talent and produce nimble, optimistic and curious thinkers
  • Teamwork: Youth create a troupe and perform with empathy and respect for others
  • Confidence: We motivate youth to take positive risks and go beyond their comfort zone in an atmosphere of support
  • Fun: Goofy characters, wild stories and youth-produced shows in a real theater

Comedy-2-Go: In-school, After-school, Camps & Conferences

When you can’t reach the TNM stage, AP Comedy has you covered. We design customized courses for any location and duration. We use your facilities to produce an AP Comedy show with youth in a few hours, days or weeks.

Teacher Trainings and Classroom Solutions

We deliver, fun, engaging and useful teacher trainings. We bring faculty together by utilizing improv teambuilding techniques, and model how to use improv tools in class. Improv lessens the need for behavior management with stronger classroom relationships and allows non-linguistic students the opportunity to bring their gifts to any subject.

Past Clients 

Kealing Magnet Middle School, Lamar Middle School, Eastside Memorial High School, Out Youth, Austin Film Festival Young Filmmakers, Austin Children’s Theater, University of Texas, Texas State University, BancVue, Dell, Texas Travesty Magazine, and dozens of Austin families.

Classes currently enrolling in Austin & New Orleans! To enroll in an AP program for your school or child, contact:

CJ Hunt – AP Comedy Director, New Orleans – TNMcjhunt@gmail.com
Adam Niederpraum - AP Comedy Director, Austin - apruem@gmail.com