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House Party @ 9:00 pm

06.7.13 // 9:00 pm10:00 pm
Brows and Dean’s List host TNM’s Friday House Party
TNM Nola
1919 Burgundy

New Orleans, La 70116

The guys and gals of your two favorite house troupes are throwing a party and we want you to be there!

Chris Trew, our dad, is leaving to go on his Air Sex tour and we have the whole theater to ourselves. We’re making it a boy/girl party so bring you best guy, prettiest gal, or a secret crush.

We’ll have a huge dance party, bottles for everyone to spin, snacks, and of course, drinks. We don’t have a closet, so 7 minutes of heaven will be played behind a curtain in the corner. Don’t forget to bring your house party cards to get punched! the closer you get the filling it up, the sooner we can tailor an amazing prize just for you. If you wanna bring anything, we can’t have enough snacks or booze. Go ahead and splurge, it’s a house party!