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The Megaphone Show @ 10:30 pm

08.3.13 // 10:30 pm11:30 pm
Our most popular show!
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

It’s our longest running show and it’s every Saturday night at The New Movement!

At each Megaphone Show, we invite a special guest/local celebrity/fun-person-about-town up on stage to share a few of their favorite true stories. We take details of these stories to inspire fast, smart improv comedy. Come see why this has quickly become our most popular show.

This week’s guest monologist is Erin Hallagan, Director of the Austin Film Festival Conference!

Erin moved to Austin the summer of 2011 and currently serves as the Conference Director for Austin Film Festival.  Hailing from the east coast, she studied film, theatre and media arts and went on to teach screenwriting and horseback riding (naturally) in Washington DC.  In her free time, she enjoys frequenting the Austin music/performance scene as well as cooking, camping, writing, and collecting odd instruments that she can’t play.