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Summer Workshop Series: Improv Abstinence @ 3:00 pm

07.13.13 // 3:00 pm6:00 pm
Improv Abstinence w/ Addy Najera
TNM Nola
1919 Burgundy

New Orleans, La 70116

We know there are situations in which an improviser can feel personally uncomfortable in a scene (sexual situations, taboo subjects, unflattering endowments). Perhaps they even feel the crowd becoming uncomfortable with a particularly controversial topic. We want to provide tools and exercises for improvisers to help themselves in those situations. While taking care of your scene partner is important, the only thing an individual performer can control is their own reaction to content in the scene. The purpose of this workshop is to instill greater confidence in our improvisers to tackle specifically uncomfortable content in their scenes.

Email nelson.tami@gmail.com to register.


Addy Najera is a graduate of TNM currently coaching TNM house troupes, a touring stand up comedian who runs TNM’s open mic night, The Square Mic at The Circle Bar and a badass improviser.