Event Details

Strugglebus + Meal of Sides @ 9:30 pm

10.2.13 // 9:30 pm10:30 pm
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

Two fresh as hell improv groups put on a show that you won’t forget and that they probably won’t remember!

Meal of Sides is an ensemble cast of veteran performers at TNM including G-Su Paek (Judge G-Su, The Megaphone Show), Karen Early (Liar Liar, The Megaphone Show), Elizabeth Nowrouz (Part II, Tourceratops) and Allen Edgar Rogers (Nixon, Bananas Foster Wallace).

Playing their own version of Close Quarters–a pithy, Pulp Fiction-esque show form–Meal of Sides offers the audience everything from teeming, show-stopping, cerebral brilliance to the lowest form of primordial comedy–the pun. Most of all they have fun and you will too.


Strugglebus is an Austin, TX based improv troupe consisting of Katelyn Cox (Spice Rack, MEANgirls), Stephanie Pace (Spice Rack, Moonsault), Kelsey Rodgers (Spice Rack, MEANgirls), Robert Segovia (The News Movement), and Matt Hannon (The Fuzz).

All alumni of The New Movement, Strugglebus performs long format ‘deconstructions,’ starting with a long scene involving all cast members and then a series of shorter scenes inspired by the opening. On occasion, Strugglebus can be found perfecting acapella renditions of Nicki Minaj or performing helpful PSAs about sexual harassment in the improv workplace. The group has performed for The Real @ChrisTrew Show and at Hell Yes Fest, and has set their sights on becoming the official state improv coaches of communist North Korea.