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The Real @ChrisTrew Show @ 10:30 pm

09.27.13 // 10:30 pm11:30 pm
Anything Can Happen
TNM Nola
1919 Burgundy

New Orleans, La 70116

A towering pixilated figure appears on a jumbotron screen. The voice of some mid-90’s chanteuse chokes the air and from behind a curtain of pyrotechnics, the human form of this man emerges. It is The Real Chris Trew.

He marches proudly into the heart of the crowd as slowmo clips of previous victories dazzle from the screen. The Real Chris Trew Show is the release of pressure that has been compressing our entertainment chambers all of our lives because The Real Chris Show isn’t just one man doing one thing on stage. The Real Chris Trew Show is all men in one doing all things on stage forever.