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Water Park: Musical Improv @ 9:00 pm

01.10.14 // 9:00 pm10:00 pm
Everything you love about improv and music, all in one show!
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

We’re a super fun musical improv group. This Friday, we unleash our new show, “A Life Story”- where we welcome a special guest artist, do a quick interview and improvise a musical based on little details of their life.

We might make your Dad a woman, we might preview your death, but we will definitely make it fun to watch.

Our special guest on Jan 10th: This week we welcome Carrie Henschell of Carrie and the Cut Snakes. Carrie is a wonderful singer, songwriter and guitarist from Scrubby Mountain, Australia. And that’s a real place.

$5 online/$7 @ door