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DATE NIGHT: Dating.com @ 9:00 pm

04.11.14 // 9:00 pm10:00 pm
Love experts vs. loveless hopefuls
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

TNM Date Night is back! Our favorite game shows come to The New Movement’s stage for a special night designed specifically for dates. Tight right?
We also provide FREE CHAMPAGNE AND CHOCOLATE? What? Are we crazy? Probably. Come on a special date with us! Featuring these shows:
8pm – Liar, Liar (w/Karen Early)
Liar, Liar features 2 teams of 3 improvisers/comedians competing against each other to see who can lie the best. Hosted by Karen Early.

9pm – Dating.com
 (w/Megan Simon)

Dating.com is the only dating show to dive into the abyss that is OkCupid. Dating profiles will be ridiculed and revised and romantic lives will be changed forever! Hosted by Megan Simon.

10:30pm – One Night Stand (w/ Vanessa Gonzalez)
The dating show that gets to the point: everybody getting laid with no strings attached. If you liked MTV’s Singled Out in the 90′s, you will have some sort of opinion about this show. Hosted by Vanessa Gonzalez.

Each show is $10, or you can pay $25 for the night!