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The News Movement @ 7:30 pm

07.4.14 // 7:30 pm9:00 pm
Local and national “news” from our team of investigative journalists, round table discussions, and field reporters!
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

Austin’s only monthly satirical news sketch show debuts it’s up-to-the-minute creation: “The NEWS Movement: Independence Day: The Movie–The Show”. Co-anchors–the insightful and passionate Wendy Starr and the hard-hitting Jim Hammer–talk to McChug-the Travis County Alcohol Awareness Dog, degenerate gambler Ace Delgado gives a World Cup update and other organic, self-sustainable Austin humor. “The NEWS Movement: Independence Day: The Movie–The Show” light’s up The New Movement on Friday, July 4th at 8pm. The NEWS Movement runs new, high production value, live episodes the first Friday of every month.

Doors open at 7:30

About The Show
Tis the Independence Day season, and The NEWS Movement gets in the patriotic spirit with more Independence Day themes than Will Smith one-liners in Independence Day. A headlines segment of news you can laugh at, with jokes you can trust start things off. Summer, of Summer’s School, presents her latest woman on the street vid where she asks citizens of Ft. Worth what’s the correct, incorrect spelling of America; “ ‘Murica” or “ ‘Merica”? Followed by a fireworks PSA, and a performance of a .gif-tastic live listicle. All this and more sassy quips than Jeff Goldblum had while giving the alien mothership a computer virus!

About The NEWS Movement
The NEWS Movement features some of Austin’s most prolific comedy writers and performers such as Henry Linser (LUCY, The Sticky Boys), Katelyn Cox-Lowder (Megaphone Show, Judge G-Su), Alexander Kone (TNM NOLA, All The President’s Favorite Food-film), Chris Sebilia (The Triple Threat, TNM Tonight), Donny Rodriguez (WGN-TV Chicago, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader), Steph Chilldress (Kid Brother, The Neighborhood), and Greg Moreno (The Neighborhood). Their live/slideshow/video sketches are hard satirical commentary on stories ripped from the latest news cycle, with a distinctly Austin spin. Their stream of collective consciousness will tap directly into the minds of comedy nerds and news junkies alike.

Executive Producers: Alexander Kone and Henry Linser