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Summer League (Improv Competition) @ 9:30 pm

06.11.14 // 9:30 pm10:30 pm
A white-hot improv competition happening all summer long!
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

Summer League
TNM’s got a white-hot improv competition happening all summer long! Welcome to TNM’s Summer League, a no-holds-barred event wherein 8 teams of 5-on-5 improv groups battle it out for a much-celebrated & coveted slot in the 2014 Megaphone Marathons in Austin and New Orleans.

Every Wednesday night in June, 2 teams will perform 25-minute sets of improvised scenes, and then the audience will choose a winner of the night. Those 4 semi-finalist teams will then duke it out during the first 2 weeks in July…until it’s just 2 teams left to wrestle head-to-head over the prize.

Best of all, you can see all the above blood, guts, and dramedy for absolutely FREE!

Wednesday June 4th:

Captain Julie Cope
Leah Muse
Courtney Sevener
Karen Early
Nathan Lee


Captain Jace Campbell
Rob Gagnon
Gsu Paek
Paul Shotwell

Wednesday June 11th:
Captain Caitlin McNally
Chris Levi
Jeff Whitaker
Jen Pelzer
Ariel Greenspoon


Captain Kana Livolsi
Colin Gray
Colin Averil
Mark Carpenter
Katie Stone

Wednesday June 18th
Captain Justin Strackany
Patrick Knisely
Joe Wright
Kyle Berthusen
David Moses Fruchter


Captain Stephanie Pace
Megan Simon
Carlos Larotta
Cody Cartegena
Wendell Smith

Wednesday June 25th
Captain David Howe
Brett Rayner
Tinus Seaux
Matt Hannon
Aaron Walther


Captain Nick Mallard
Roxy Castillo
Katelyn Cox
Liz Winner
Yusuf Roach

Who will dominate? And more importantly, who will bear witness to the first-ever epic TNM Summer League?