Event Details

Film Instant LIVE! At the Spiderhouse! @ 10:00 pm

01.7.13 // 10:00 pm
Live Action Movie Club!

Every Monday at 10:00p CST we stream a movie on Netflix Instant and tweet along using a personalized hashtag.  This Monday is special though, because its happening LIVE at the Spiderhouse Ballroom on 29th and Fruth, right on campus!  This event is FREE so invite your friends!  This event also happens every Monday, so even if we aren’t having the live event, feel free to join in next week!

How it works: Our moderators will pick the best and RT them from @filminstant. We’ve got fun, games, tweeters of the week, and a specialized cocktail for every movie! Can’t wait to play? Download our Podcast at FilmInstant.net (part of the TNM.FM network) to hear us pick next week’s movie.