Event Details

TNM Fringe presents The Megaphone Show (Fringe edition) @ 11:00 pm

11.17.12 // 11:00 pm11:55 pm
Megaphone on the Fringe
TNM Nola
1919 Burgundy

New Orleans, La 70116

What’s behind door #3?  Each night at 11pm, The New Movement reveals an improv show on the Fringe.  It’s all part of TNM’s Fringe programming.

Tonight, you’ll find The Megaphone Show behind door #3.  It’s our longest running show and it’s every Saturday night at The New Movement. At each Megaphone Show we invite a special guest/local celebrity/fun-person-about-town up on stage to share a few of their favorite true stories. We take details of these stories to inspire fast, smart improv comedy. Come see why this has quickly become our most popular show. 

Tickets are $10 without a Fringe button, $7 with a Fringe button.