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Musical Improv @ 8:00 pm

01.9.13 // 8:00 pm10:00 pm
TNM satirizes the musical genre!
TNM Nola
1919 Burgundy

New Orleans, La 70116

$200/8 weeks

Apply your improv skills to new area of your brain! Learn how to establish and repeat melodic patterns, come up with that perfectly timed rhyme, and initiate choruses that bring it all together to create musicals on the spot. Having a musical background or even a descent singing voice is not necessary as you’ll take your ability to commit to the next level and sell it like you’re Clay Aiken with the undying support of your fellow improvisers. Besides, Broadway takes itself WAY too seriously; dancing cats?! singing Bohemians with STDs?! Plots derived from Journey songs?! Time for TNM to satirize this sacred genre the best way we know how- balls to the wall- on the spot; we’ll show you how in 8 weeks (includes a performance run.)