Event Details

Just Go With It @ 11:59 pm

01.18.13 // 11:59 pm5:21 pm
Weird standup comedy hosted by Christina Parrish
TNM Nola
1919 Burgundy

New Orleans, La 70116

Just Go With It, is like if late night talk shows turned into wacky game shows that then turned into people walking away with candy in their hands. All of it hosted by yours truly, Christina Parrish. You get it? We’ll keep you updated with the latest buzz and fill you in with the news you don’t typically hear about and if you have, hive five to you! Then 4 of some of the cities finest comedians do their thang, perhaps even a special guest will show up just for you cause we like you so much. They all receive challenges from a bowl that your host and even YOU, have written down. Yes, YOU! Write down a humorous idea or challenge when you come in, make it fun! You’re apart of the show as well! The comedians do their challenges to try to win the show. Afterwards, we’ll have you vote for who you think, ultimately, did their absolute best or at least were convincing enough. Candy is thrown and that’s a wrap. Now all you gotta do is, Just Go With It.