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TV Dinner: Liar, Liar @ 10:30 pm

05.31.13 // 10:30 pm
TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca

Austin, TX 78701

Every show at TNM is handcrafted by some loving, albeit crazy, people who have been trained at TNM and are now ready to go to the next level with a full scale production.  It all starts at TV Dinner.  Here you’ll get to see snipits of shows that are being considered for a full hour time slot.  In the past we’ve seen Mumbleoke, News Movement, and The Court of the People with Judge G-Su Paek.

This month, we’re premiering a new show called Liar Liar, which features 2 teams of 3 improvisers/comedians competing against each other to see who can lie the best. It’s going to be an amazing show and you’ll want to be there to say you saw it first!

The two teams are made up of very talented performers:

Alex Berry
Billy Callis
Michael Priest

Ariel Greenspoon
Mark Carpenter
Ralphie Hardesty

A combination of sketch, standup, improv, parody…tell you what, its sort of like a buffet of comedy. TV DINNER brings an interactive theater experience equal only to being a live studio audience to your favorite sitcom.

The show begins at 10:30p! BYOB! See you there!

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