Megaphone Marathons 4!

Jun 11, 2013


The most ambitious comedy marathon in the country is back! The 4th annual Megaphone Marathons kicks off on July 18th in Austin and makes its way to New Orleans over the course of one week. Two cities, dozens of teams from multiple states, over 56 shows, amazing parties, and the most badass improv Summer intensive in the country. 

Each city kicks off with a sprint on Thursday featuring exciting troupes giving you break-neck comedy all night. On Friday and Saturday, we have shows broken up into heats. Each heat features openers doing 20 minutes and a 30-minute headliner set. The lineups in both cities are packed with incredible groups each night. Come to one heat or be there for all of them!
Tickets and schedule are below.

July 25th: Thursday Sprint – NOLA

8:00p: Treats 8:20p: New Orleans Intensive Recital 8:40p Horse Cops
9:00p: Strugglebus 9:20p: Awkward Headbutt 9:40p Assembly
10:00p: Moonsault 10:20p: Sapphire  

Friday July 26th – NOLA

HEAT #1 - 7:30 @ The New Movement HEAT #2 - 9:00 @ The New Movement HEAT #3 - 10:30 @ The New Movement
Nola Intensives Recital (various) Brows (NOLA) Lisa and Amy (Houston)
Keaton (NYC) MEANgirls (Austin) Dean's List (NOLA)
Burgundy (NOLA) Claws with Fangs (NOLA) The Language (NOLA)
The Finish Line - 11:59 @ The New Movement
Rob Gagnon's 1 Hour Comedy Festival (various)   

Saturday July 27th – NOLA

HEAT #1 - 7:30 @ The New Movement HEAT #2 - 9:00 The New Movement HEAT #3 - 10:30 The New Movement
Dream Fantasy Castle (Nola) Waterpark (Austin) Super Computer (NOLA)
Lucy (Austin) Quiet on the Set (NOLA) Handbomb (Austin)
French Navy (NOLA) Opposites (Austin) machine A (NOLA)
Big wrap party - 11:59 @ John Pau's



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