The New Movement is a comedy training center specializing in improv and sketch comedy.  TNM faculty focuses on making sure students have a fun yet challenging learning environment that brings out and shapes each student’s comedic sensibility.  We strive to run a comedy community that produces great performers and wonderful social experiences.

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TNM teaches “long-form” improv comedy, which focuses on scene work and group mind. Though our work is inspired by the founder of modern improv Del Close, we proudly teach a syllabus unique to TNM. Our improv classes train our students to make the smartest, strongest and funniest choices on stage.  By focusing on the information at the beginning of scenes, our students create an improv road map within their first few moments on stage.

Our sketch comedy classes teach students to cut to the heart of a concept and exploit the funniest elements of any written scene.  Learn how to write with other voices in mind and craft

Because we are a multi-city network of theaters we’re able to provide unprecedented opportunities for our improv students in the South.  TNM hosts improv festivals (Hell Yes FestMegaphone MarathonsImprov Wins Conference), books national and regional tours, produces special event shows and throws lots and lots of parties throughout the year.  Our students and performers are able to collaborate on new levels as we foster a strong commitment to community between TNM Austin and New Orleans.

Our teaching staff includes Tami Nelson, Chris Trew, Mike Spara, Derek Dupuy, CJ Hunt, Joel Flachsbart, James Hamilton

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...Community is TNM's most-used word. Nelson and Trew use it at least a dozen times in 30 minutes. Not only are they actively defying the conventions of 30-year-old improv doctrines, they're rejecting the sausage-factory, assembly-line "graduations" of its students.
Alex Woodward
The Gambit