For most shows at TNM, tickets can be purchased at the door (w/cash or credit cards). However, we sell tickets in advance for really popular shows, out-of-town headliners, or special events (like July’s Megaphone Marathons and November’s Hell Yes Fest), and if tickets are available online, you may purchase them by clicking the event on the TNM site calendar. You should arrive 10-15 minutes before showtime if you are purchasing tickets at the door because many of our shows sell out. FYI, TNM students get into most of our shows for free!

What is TNM’s Style?

We strive for underground comedy at its best. The Austin Chronicle called The New Movement a “juggernaut” and the Houston Press called us a “platypus”; somewhere between those two comparisons is an encapsulation of our style. TNM improv is a startling fierce, experimental mixture, where absurdity and emotional risk take the foreground. The distinction of our playing style comes from training that emphasizes clean scene work and grounding situations, to create impact, while never missing the opportunity to embrace the irrational or bizarre. The New Movement style also is characterized by elegance and follow-through. By playing intelligently and following the maps and patterns of our scenes we tap into the magic of clarity and group-mind quicker. Fundamentally, we believe in improv as a young, growing artform, where the living beast of creativity is honored and elevated, and you can see that in the character of our shows.

Why Are Some of Your Shows Free?

We believe strongly in the power and importance of improv as an artform and as a movement. Since we know everyone should have an opportunity to be exposed to improv, some of our shows will always be free! The New Movement  is dedicated to keeping improv accessible and available to all. And if you like, we also take donations, because we’d never deprive you of your opportunity to support a community that delights you.