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3 Years of Photos Feb 26, 2012

3 Years of Photos
February 2012 marked the 3 year anniversary of The New Movement Austin (and technically, The New Movement as a whole). There are literally tons of photos from the past 3 years on our FlickR page and that’s not an exaggeration of improper use of the word literally. Literally, if you combined every single person who’s ever been to a TNM show or class and put them on a scale it would likely read “literally tons”. Take a lil’ tour through this special FlickR pageĀ or if you wanna chew on the whole thing head to this equally special FlickR page.
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Gambit – Covered! Feb 26, 2012

Gambit – Covered!
We’re thrilled. We’re stoked. We’re touched. We’re on the cover of The Gambit in New Orleans. To read the article by the wonderful Mr. Alex Woodward you’re gonna have to pick it up in person because it ain’t on the innynets quite yet. Thanks Gambit! Thanks New Orleans! In all its glory:
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