Are you trying to find who to ask about your big TNM question?

Here is a breakdown of people who can help!



Tami NelsonEducation Director & Co-founder of The New Movement

Tami is one of the most accomplished improvisers in the South; she has founded theaters, toured nationally, taught, and performed full time since 2006. She can answer any of your big questions about The New Movement generally and in-depth questions about our cultural and teaching philosophies.  [nelson.tami AT gmail.com]

Chris TrewCreative Director & Co-founder of The New Movement

In addition to his duties of teaching TNM classes, performing in TNM shows, and overseeing the creative direction of TNM, Chris has a major presence in the comedy world in general. He regularly produces, books, and performs in tons of events including tours, comedy marathons, and festivals as an improviser, host, stand up, and rapper. Chris is a master of promotions and establishing partnerships with local and national brands. He is the guy to ask about Hell Yes Fest, The Megaphone Marathons, Air Sex, Improv Wins Conference, Terp 2it, New Orleans sports, and any huge ideas for cool things. [christrew AT gmail.com]

Brock LaBorde - Business Manager and Producer of The New Movement

Brock lives in Los Angeles and operates Studio 8, the film, TV, web, music, and literary production arm of the business. From planning to distribution, Brock has shepherded along big- and small-budget projects for TNM, Studio 8, and other studios, networks, and clients. As the Business Manager of TNM, he strives to analyze the big picture while also helping to develop the theaters’ comedic talent, and he can answer your financial or production quandaries.  [brocklaborde AT gmail.com]



Looking for more Info on Upcoming Classes?

The Conservatory Directors can help you!


Amy Jordan  Conservatory Director of TNM Austin    ask Amy

Amy Jordan


CJ Hunt AP Comedy Youth Program Director of TNM New Orleans ask CJ Looking for info on classes?Ask Tami





Trying to Find more Information on a Show or Get Something Booked at one of our theaters?

The Artistic Directors can help you!

Chris Trew Artistic Director of TNM Austin ask Chris

Derek Dupuy Artistic Director of TNM New Orleans ask Derek