About TNM


The New Movement is a company with improv theaters in Austin and New Orleans. TNM prides itself on being a safe haven for artists and comedians and a boundless well of entertainment options for everyone else. TNM teaches improv and sketch comedy to adults, children, and businesses in Austin and New Orleans, providing our students with endless performance opportunities on our stages, and within the many tours, festivals, corporate shows, and unique entertainment experiences that we produce year-round for our audiences.

TNM’s main product is people. When you step inside a TNM theater, you’ll notice an unmistakable difference in the style and quality of comedic talent that is featured. We want our customers to feel like they aren’t customers, but are instead participants of and witnesses to all the unique experiences that our brains can cook up. Part of what sets TNM apart from other comedy theaters is our unique curriculum, our hands-on approach to show production, and our highly-curated festivals and events.

TNM hopes to transcend the norm and elevate the art form. We tie all of our projects into our company’s branding, so each aspect of our business feeds into and elevates the rest. Talent from both TNM cities cross-pollinate and collaborate, keeping the shows fresh and maintaining a creative environment that hasn’t been seen before, especially in the South. Basically, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, TNM is throwing a big, fun party and everyone is invited.

Who runs TNM?

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What some folks have to say about TNM:

A Tireless Team of Hardworking Comedians
— Now Austin
Johnny Appleseeds of Funny
— The Onion A.V. Club
Wildly Talented and Relentlessly Inventive
— The Austin Chronicle
Let the Comedy Juggernaut Proceed
— The Austin Chronicle
Chris and Tami live and breathe the art form and have built their own language of improv, a style characteristic of The New Movement
— The Austin-American Statesman