CrapFunding Presents: Too Many Awful Projects All At Once

CrapFunding is a monthly show at TNM Nola that pits 5 brave comics against each other in a pitchfest of terrible crowdfunding campaigns (that they’ve never seen before) in front of a couple of snarky hosts, a local business expert, and a live audience.

And this is my (host, Brock LaBorde's) monthly review where I fart and piss all over the projects that we used in last month’s shows. So let the farting and pissing commence!

Introducing the cast of TNM’s 10,000th Show

Due to the special nature of this show we wanted to cast it in a unique way. Each city started with someone who is instrumental behind the scenes. Someone who makes things happen and perhaps doesn’t get the credit they deserve, but if you ask any random twenty people in either theater who deserves more credit than they get nineteen of them say Austin’s Patrick Neese or New Orleans’ Carrie Moulder.