Currently for NOLA only.


GAMMA is The New Movement's sketch troupe development program. Through it, we seek to provide budding troupes with all of the tools they need to produce shows at The New Movement and beyond.

If you are:

1) An individual who wants to write, or write and perform a show on your own;

2) A group of two or more people who make beautiful comedy together;

3) A lone wolf writer looking for a pack;

Apply to the GAMMA Program! You'll receive a director/mentor to help you create your best show, regular stage time, and support from TNM's marketing machine. Applications are accepted continuously throughout the year.

Note: Applicants must be currently enrolled in Level 2 Sketch class or higher.

Denise Jena (Juh-NAY) is the Director of the GAMMA program, and can be reached at if you have any questions. Otherwise please scroll down, read through our submission requirements, and apply below!


Submission Requirements

Solo Writers

A solo writer is an individual who wants to write an entire show on their own and either perform it solo or cast others to perform it. From this writer, we will need:

  • A paragraph describing your writing style, what your show is about, how complete it is, and what you're looking for out of a mentor-ship.
  • A writing sample that equals at least 20 minutes of your show.

Note: We understand that most solo writers are just writing  a one-off show, but if you're a beast of a writer feel free to aim for something recurring!


A troupe is a group of two or more people who are already writing together and are looking for the opportunity to get on stage. From this troupe, we will need:

  • A paragraph describing your writing style (as a group) and what kind of show you'd like to present.
  • A writing sample that equals at least 30 minutes of your show and includes a sketch from each member. Are you a baby troupe that hasn't actually written together yet? Here's your chance! Imagine your perfect show and let us have it.

Note: Please be willing to try out new members on occaision. Otherwise, where will our lone wolves go?


A troupe-seeker is a lone writer seeking a pack. Maybe you don't have time to hang out at TNM and meet other writers? Maybe the idea of writing in a group is intimidating? Maybe you're super awkward and don't know where to begin? It's okay. We'll find you a troupe. From you, we will need:

  • A paragraph describing your writing style, what your sketches tend to involve, and what you're looking for in a troupe.
  • Your three best sketches


The GAMMA program is not free, because of the time your director puts into your troupe. They will be offering their experience, ideas and knowledge. They'll also be arranging tech, reserving meeting space for you, etc. They'll be there for you throughout the process and offer you guidance on how to move forward into becoming a successful troupe in and outside of the TNM world (festivals, video, and paying gigs, oh my)! Please pay $25/month/member DIRECTLY to your director.


Random Notes

Once you're in the GAMMA program, BE CREATIVE! There's no such thing as an "ordinary" sketch troupe, but here are a few random concepts that may tickle your fancy:

  • A current events news program (a la The Daily Show, Weekend Update, etc.)
  • A humorous soap opera
  • Blackouts only
  • Music-based sketch
  • Puppets
  • Reality show

Let your weird go wild!