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A two-part workshop (4 hours)
Saturday, June 17, 2017 @ 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm
Cost: $60

Two part workshop with Josh Simpson and Jake Jabbour. Every student will get 2 hours with each instructor focusing on the complementary themes framing your scenes to understand them & playing them out.

Framing – Improvisers will learn to create a shared playable world through explicit declarations and ownership of unusual behavior. This workshop will provide practical ways to give your scene partners gifts they can universally play with in any relationship or situation.

Playing – The playing portion of the workshop will show players different ways to have fun once they are on the same page with their scene partner. Big choices, bold moves and playful approaches that will help the improviser get the most out of themselves and their scenes.


Josh Simpson and Jake Jabbour are performers at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles and co-hosts of The MEAT Improv podcast featuring the best improv comedians from LA (and now the entire country!) They also host Shapeshift Improv, a monthly show that pushes teams and performers to do new, experimental forms.

Josh has been performing in LA for a decade and teaching at the UCB Theater for 5 years. He’s worked for Funny or Die and Team Coco, and appeared on CONAN, Reno 911! And The UCB Show on Seeso as Kitty Katt Williams.

Jake writes and performs at the UCB theatre, and has been an educator in Los Angeles for the last seven years. Jake co-created and co-hosts the long running late night talk-show We’re Gross with Gilli Nissim at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.